Windows 8 – Windows Can’t Be Activated Right Now

I installed Windows 8 on my computer, but when I went to activate it, I got the error message “Windows Can’t Be Activated Right Now”.  How do I activate Windows 8?  Follow these steps to activate Windows 8.

To resolve activating Windows 8:
1. Hit the START key.  Alternatively, select SEARCH from the right hand side of the screen.
2. Type RUN
3. Type slui 3 and ENTER .  This opens the Windows Activation window where you can enter a product key to activate Windows.  SLUI 3 is the change product key window.
4. Type in your product key and click Activate .

3 thoughts on “ Windows 8 – Windows Can’t Be Activated Right Now

  1. JIO

    super super! thanks a lot… I had this corrupt key that kept on failing the activation now It is all good thanks for the Tip while many others were referring to slui.exe it is actually slui 3 that worked to replace the key

  2. Joe

    Hi – any tips for a tablet pre-loaded with windows 8 that does the same thing – i don’t have a disk or sticker with a key on it.

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