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Moving SQL Server Reporting Services

Over the last year, I have had the opportunity to migrate Reporting Services several times.  :)    Unlike the Microsoft documented backup and restore operation or the move procedure , the process has been … er… not so straightforward for me.

The problem I have run into revolves around the key in the ReportServer database in table dbo.Keys and the InstallationID in my rsreportserver.config file

If I match the key in this table to the file I can solve the problem.

In the event you have to migrate Reporting Services from one server to another and get an error message that there is a mismatch between the rsreportserver.config file and the ID in ReportServer.dbo.Keys , then you may try the procedure outlined below.  Keep in mind, this process steps you through the entire migration procedure of moving your Reporting Services databases from your source server to the destination server.


When navigating to //<Reporting Services Instance Name>/ReportServer you get the Reporting Services Error Message:

The Installation ID in the rsreportserver.config file does not match the ID in ReportServer.dbo.Keys.


To correct this problem,

1. Stop Reporting Services on your destination server.

2. Take your ReportServer database backup and restore it to your destination server.

3. Find the source server’s InstallationId in the Keys table with this query.  Copy the results:

SELECT * FROM ReportServer.dbo.Keys

4. On your destination server, find and open your rsreportserver.config file.  It is located in a path like:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS11.MSSQLSERVER\Reporting Services\ReportServer\rsreportserver.config

5. Copy the InstallationId from the Keys table in step 3 and replace the InstallationID between the curly brackets {} in the rsreportserver.confi g file.  Save and close the file on the destination server.

6. Start Reporting Services on your destination server.

7. Browse to Reporting Services: //<Reporting Services Instance Name>/ReportServer to confirm that the Keys match and that Reporting Services is running properly.